COVID-19 Safety

How we are keeping you safe.

We've missed you just as much as you've missed us!

After a very long (and rather painful) PAUSE we are excited its finally time to get DUKE’S OPEN again! WE’RE OPENING UP FOR YOU! It’s going to be a NEW DUKE’S WAY as we adhere to hygiene procedures and social distancing restrictions but we guarantee a Fresh and Clean Duke’s club to keep you safe and strong! Your DUKE’S team has been trained in spacing, cleaning and servicing protocols so we are ready for your return.

We’re ecstatic that Duke’s will be open for workouts again from 6:00am the 22nd June 2020 in Victoria.


Thank you for standing by Duke’s at this time, we can’t do this without you. The emails we have received from members has been very supportive and at time emotional for us.

Please be kind, considerate and mindful of our team and each other as we navigate this new way. Together we can make 2020 the best COMEBACK year of all time!! So, grab your workout buddies and let’s get MOVING AGAIN!

What Duke's Has Done

During our mandatory closure, your DUKE’S Team has been busy! We’ve done all we can to prepare for your return and making sure your Club is SAFE, FRESH AND CLEAN. Here are just a few things that we’ve completed while we were closed so that you can get back to your workouts safely.

• Completed additional deep-cleaning and disinfecting of the entire gym, including all equipment and surfaces. (Cheryl has been a superstar!)

• Performed preventative maintenance and applied social safety measures to gym and Cardio equipment. (Glenn’s muscles have been a huge help)

• Added additional alcohol-based hand sanitisers around the Club.

• Increased the amount of disinfecting equipment throughout the Club.

• Implemented hand cleaning areas and cleaning stations.

• Introduced social safety signage and guidelines throughout the Club.

• Trained our staff to ensure they are aware of all new Crunch procedures.

What Duke's Will Do

To ensure your Health Club stays SAFE, FRESH and CLEAN, we’ve also evolved our policies and procedures to meet and exceed Government guidelines. But don’t worry, we’re still making sure you have the same amount of fun and we have the same community feel we have always had! Upon your return and during this Initial stage of DUKE’S reopening, you’ll notice the following:

• The use of some personal protective equipment by your DUKE’S Team.

• Increased and documented cleaning frequency by staff, particularly in high traffic areas.

• Temporarily limited total capacity of 20 people in the gym, which we have implemented the 1-hour gym session bookings to achieve safely.

• Group Fitness class are unavailable until regulations are changed. (we will reinstate these asap)

• With Government restrictions placed on us, all Guest Privileges and Free Passes are temporarily unavailable to help manage occupancy and prioritise DUKE’S members.

• We’re asking members to limit gym time to 60 minutes so everyone can get their exercise fix.

• Showers will be temporarily unavailable.

What We're Asking The Duke's Family To Do

The safety of you and our DUKE’s staff is always top priority, so we ask that upon your return:

• If you are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms, please skip your workout and see a doctor immediately. Do not attend workouts.

• Please use a fresh towel from home every time you work out.

• Please bring a drink bottle from home.

• Please feel free to workout with gloves for your safety.

• Please wash your hands with soap before and after your workout.

• Wipe down all equipment after use.

• Maintain 1.5 meters from your fellow members.

• Limit your workout to 60 minutes.

• Be sure to make a booking for you visit. (there is no problem with last minute bookings).

• Sign in with your HUR Card on arrival.

• Please ready and follow directions on signs.

• Be Kind: Help keep DUKE’S a place where people can relieve their stress and anxiety, safely.

Your Membership Subsciption

We can’t wait to get you started again! Your membership subscription will AUTOMATICALLY RESTART on the 22nd June 2020 and your first billing date will be the 25th of June 2020 as a prorate charge. The following and future fortnightly charge will be your normal amount as it has always been.

We can't wait to see you, DUKE’S just isn't the same without you. Make sure you're following us on Facebook for the latest Club updates and we will see you very soon.

Jonathan and the Duke’s team.